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Flowserve       Samson

Our valve portfolio covers all Flowserve (eg. Schmidt, Valtek, Kämmer, Argus, Automax) as well as Samson valves. Furthermore we are working with products of the following renowned valve manufacturers:

The control and ball valves displayed hereafter are an exemplary selection of our Flowserve and Samson portfolio only.
If you wish to get more detailed information about valves, please let us know either by sending an email or calling. We will gladly assist you choosing the right valve from a wide variety of available types.

Clicking onto a picture will open the respective product specification sheet.

  Flowserve (Argus)-Ball Valve
  Flowserve (Kämmer)-Control Valve
TotalFlow (035000)
  Flowserve (Kämmer)-Corrosive Application Valve
LinedFlow (132000)
  Flowserve (Schmidt/Valtek)-Globe Valve
GS (V701)
  Flowserve (Schmidt)-High Performance Valve
FlowTop (V726/V740)
  Flowserve (Valtek)-Desuperheater
VariCool (V901)
  Samson-Globe Valve
  FK76   035000   132000   V701   V726   V901   3241  

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