Foxboro by Schneider



Keeps going and going and going ... the VW Beetle amongst the distributed process control systems: PLS80E.

Developped as and originally named PLS80, Eckardt's DCS has proved its reliability and value in worldwide operations under most demanding conditions. And it still continues to succeed. In close cooperation with our project partners - namely ESR-Systemtechnik GmbH based in Fellbach (Germany) - we are actively working on the continuation of this success story. The fourth generation of the "Decentralized Process Control System Eckardt PLS80" is engineered for the challenges of the 21st century: Foxboro PLS80E, CX22, MeshNet and Virtualisation come to mind as key milestones in PLS80E developments. Over the years PLS80 has become, and continues to evolve into a hardware independant DCS featuring up-to-date operating and monitoring technologies* that are at least on par with our competitors' systems.
PLS80E allows customers worldwide to add value: in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and the Far East. For more than 30 years now. Should you wish to learn more about this unrivalled system, we will gladly give you an introduction into today's PLS80E. Get in contact with us, and get to know the future.

Clicking onto the logo of our partner ESR-Systemtechnik will direct you to their website where you may learn a lot more about the history of PLS80, its most important features as well as their visions for the future of PLS80E:


* technologies may currently be under development and will reach their marketability within the next years. Please contact us for further information.

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